Living a li(f)e / About

Harry Trotter

“Once you let go of the things that don’t make you grow and the people that do not make you feel as who you truly are, you realise the pain you have been through is a pure gift. You come to understand that you are no longer a victim and that you can reach anything you want.”

Who am I, and why am I sharing this with the world?

My name is Harry Trotter and today I am a life enthusiast and a cycle breaker. That wasn’t always the case. Since a very young age I did not feel home in the family I was born in. I had different values and beliefs. Relations between people and therefore the related questions about being who you are, sexuality and identity have always intrigued me during my journey. Those questions have been on my mind ever since.

Based on the fact that I had no one to talk to about these thoughts when being 16 years old I took the conscious decision to pretend to be someone else and to ‘live’ in a constant lie. I was afraid of being judged in the social class I used to be part of. I knew what was seen as ‘well’ or ‘appropriate’ in this world and how to behave according to the expectations of my entourage back then.

I put on my own Truman show. I pretended to be this confident, unsensitive and
happy guy who was often called a ‘ladies’ man’ which was of course seen well by the ‘mates’ and the girls, they fell for it. Pretending to be someone I was not, suffocated me for almost my entire life. At that time, I believed I had no escape from that lie I was in. I was choking-due to childhood traumas, an unstable family situation and the constant questioning of myself.

This could not go on forever and I finally took action when I was 22 years old. I fled and left everything behind because I was dying inside. I ‘globe-trottered’ with fear, pain and doubt with the one and only thought in mind of never coming back ‘home’ again. Because back then I did not live, I survived, and I was wondering how it felt to be a free man in this big world. When I was abroad, any job was welcome, and I often gave away my soul, so I could have a shelter for the night. I was looking for comprehension, good energy and love. All I received in return was sex, balls and more cheap sex. I self-tortured myself but a thought kept me alive.

-The thought of making a difference in someone else’s life one day, gave me hope to survive and to break that endless cycle I was in. What I could do, so can you.-

Today, as a 31 years old I am grabbing life by the balls. I am also occupying the greatest job in the world: I am living. Finally. I managed to break the majority on my cycles and I am still working on some today. I am also only human after all. It is by talking openly, exposing my vulnerabilities, and discarding my mask that many people opened up to me. My life really started from that moment on and it gave me a big feeling of satisfaction. This is why today I am ready to make a change in your life and the lives of others.

-I went from being an almost eternal soul to a truly happy soul. My true calling could not be clearer and we are in this together.-

By putting my knowledge, my personal experience and my self-developed tools at people’s disposal, I am pretty confident people will be able to open up and invest in themselves. I will be fully naked to support and serve others. Life is only lived when you love yourself and when you can be in line with who you truly are, and this forever.

My own experience in terms of struggling and in the end coping with ‘who you are’ and where you ‘fit’ can prevent you or your loved ones from a lonely, pressured, and miserable life. I hope that the thousands of verbal and written interactions I have had with people from all over the world of various backgrounds, religions, and spiritual beliefs can make a significant change in your journey. It is time to stand up and to give yourself that happiest life you deserve, you have been craving ever since.

My message to you

I didn’t know anyone in my position and didn’t have someone to look up to when I was younger. I hope I can be some sort of inspiration to you today. It is all about how to model honesty and transparency, and to show people that there’s nothing greater in life than being yourself without putting a label on it.

Let’s start your new journey and take you off the road of a hidden you. I might not change the world, but I might have the key to change your world.

You’ve come too far to give up on who you truly are. Your moment has come, to live to live your truthful life. I am with you. I will do all I can to save you time, energy and most of all yourself. 

Due to the fact I am still amongst those who are alive today, I only have one burning desire: to transmit that happy feeling of being a free and truthful person with an open mind in his head and inner rest and self-love in his heart.