Living a li(f)e / Testimonial / Catherine Bournival 30, Canadian – Content Manager

Catherine Bournival 30, Canadian – Content Manager

Harry is a strong and inspiring being that can accompany anyone during difficult time, and relate from his personal experiences and very unique life journey into breaking cycles. Something very special about him is that he can put himself in the shoes of the other no matter the gender, background and past experiences.

He supported me during my journey to the hospital for my abortion. He did not hesitate to accompany me and offered me his humble presence and emotional support while I was dealing with hard feelings and interior demons and guilt.

He had the capacity to peacefully guide me through this difficult process in such a calm and warm way with his authentic energy.

I was sure about my decision but still challenging and Harry’s, non-judgmental vision, helped me even more embracing my decision. I got into a state of acceptance and I could finally surrender myself  to it.

Certainly, I couldn’t recommend a better mentor and support to go through some of the most challenging times someone can experience. He can be a strong rock for us all with his absolute reassuring presence.