Living a li(f)e / Testimonial / Saar Meertens 28, Dutch – Flight attendant at KLM

Saar Meertens 28, Dutch – Flight attendant at KLM

I was part of one of his cycle breaking events and I was impressed how everyone was opening up in such a short time. He shifts consciousness in everything he says and does. He is very open and has a strong mind-set. He does not pushes nor persuades people to share. Silence is an answer too as he would say. 

Harry gave us the opportunity to be in our inner selves in all quietness before starting his program. The fact that he is also open about his own past makes it easier for others to step in into the sharing process. I believe that sharing vulnerable stories is really needed in this world we live in. By attending that event I realise as never before I should be open up to people more often because in  the end we all have a past and a story. Believe me any cycle can be broken when you are in his company. 

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