Living a li(f)e / Testimonial / Trent Goertzen 30, Canadian – Designer

Trent Goertzen 30, Canadian – Designer

I read Harry’s book at a time in my life when I was searching for purpose and meaning.  I was at a very dark point and was trying to find every resource I could to help sort out my feelings, thoughts and sexuality. 

I was reading psychology based books like Velvet Rage and Becoming Gay, to biographies like The Gilded Razor and literally hundreds of online articles ⏤just to figure out who I was.  All of these were helpful in their own ways, but what set apart Harry’s book was that it actually helped me face my own fears.  It helped give me courage to stop living a lie, but more importantly, it helped me break down the boxes I had placed myself in.

It helped me realize I didn’t have to fit into any one stereotype, prejudice or box that society, family, or religion had manufactured to keep themselves comfortable.  It helped open my eyes that I was free to be me, whatever that looked like.

Yeah I’m gay, so what… I can go plowing fields at my brother’s farm or taking my car to the garage and putting it on the lift.  But I can also take care of a friend’s kid or host a dinner and be just as comfortable. My sexuality does not define me.

Today, I am no longer living a lie, but trying to live a life to the fullest. Yes, I still have fears to conquer, but at a time in my life when I was fearful to be myself, this book helped me realize that being just that was okay and I didn’t have to be anything more than that.