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Leave your lie behind and start living by breaking your cycles in terms of: identity, sexuality, pressure and confidence.

Let me join you on your journey and save time, energy and yourself so that you can unlock your full potential.

I will guide you with my personal experiences and knowledge, towards that truthful life you deserve.

Do not live in doubt, fear or pain anymore. The key towards a healthier, happier and a more constructive life is already within you.

Supportive warm hugs,

Everyday lies

Can you recognize yourself in one of these questions?


Unsure of where you are going? Unsure of who you are as a person and more importantly of who you want to BE as a person?

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Having a low self-image due to a negative voice in your head? Are you high sensitive and feel things differently than most people?

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Scared of those labels society puts on sexual preferences? Doubting where you fit in our society or the LGBT community?

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Trying to follow the guidelines that have been taught to you when younger?  Also, trying to fit in against your own will?

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Let me help you to …

Live that life you are meant to live. It all starts with saving energy, time and most of all yourself.

Save time

Save time and shorten the process of the inner wound. Give it the attention it deserves and finally, give it the chance to heal.

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Save energy

Save energy by asking yourself the questions of truth, once and for all. Start investing that so needed energy in yourself.

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Save yourself

Save your true self. Be the kind of person you would like to be with, and be the change you want to see in the world.

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