Living a li(f)e / How to go from a lie to a life

Going from a lie to a life

Life is too short to live in a constant lie. Leave that Truman show behind. Be YOU at all times, not just behind closed doors. Start loving yourself, and be appreciated for who YOU truly are, because YOU, are worth it.

Simplify your life, by doing the things that truly matter to YOU. Start surrounding yourself by people who see the light in your eyes, who understand your silence and who have your kind of weirdness. Give importance to people that make YOU feel good.

Simplify your life, but never your mind. Your mind activates your dreams into a plan. A plan in which you are the director of your own life, so YOU can build towards that life YOU want, at your own pace.

Everyday lies

Can you recognize yourself in one of these questions?


Unsure of where you are going? Unsure of who you are as a person and more importantly of who you want to BE as a person?

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Having a low self-image due to a negative voice in your head? Are you high sensitive and feel things differently than most people?

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Scared of those labels society puts on sexual preferences? Doubting where you fit in our society or the LGBT community?

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Trying to follow the guidelines that have been taught to you when younger?  Also, trying to fit in against your own will?

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