Are you experiencing a lack of confidence due to a negative voice in your head? Are you high-sensitive and you feel things differently than most people?

Do you sometimes ask yourself questions like these?

  • How come, I feel often, I am not worth anything?
  • From where do those negative thoughts come from?
  • How can I control those flows I have?
  • Why don’t many people feel, what I feel?
  • Will I be able to tune in that voice in my head?
  • Why don’t I focus more on the good?
  • Can I control my thoughts?
  • Is being sensitive a bad thing?
  • Should I hold in?
  • Why does no one get’s me?

I hear you

The problem is that we don’t give enough attention to the things that make us feel good. We miss out on many opportunities to grow while we often focus on what could go better and is not good enough. Focus on the good only. You have the power to master your brain and to give attention to the thoughts you want to give attention to. You can heal from anything that happens to you. Your past does not equal your future.

pic sunroad quote trauma

“Often it is not the initiating trauma that creates seemingly unsurmountable pain, but the lack of support after.”

S.Kelly Harrel author of ‘Gift of the dreamtime: Awakening to the divinity of Trauma.

Can you imagine:

  • Not being drained by that negative voice?
  • Not having to deal with moments of anxiety?
  • Not being confused of which decision to take?
  • Not being overwhelmed by people or events happening around you?

How great would you feel if you would: 

  • Focus on the that good voice instead?
  • Have more confidence in yourself and your actions?
  • Control the thoughts you want to give attention to?
  • Have tools to control your mood?

You are not alone out there.

Stop imagining and start believing you can live a confident life and focus on the good only.

quote harry trot meditation

Believe me you can heal and clean yourself without any medications or pharmaceutical treatments many people drown in today. I will support you with the tools I have learned myself, and you will be feeling great. All you need is yourself; the human mind and body is well designed, believe me.

“Replace the letter c by the letter t in the word medication and apply it in your daily life.”

Harry Trotter