Are you trying to follow the guidelines that have been taught to you when younger, against your own will? Do you think there is no way out of your current li(f)e?

Do you sometimes ask yourself questions like these?

  • Why am I ignoring my inner feeling?
  • Don’t I deserve better?
  • Why am I lying towards myself and living in fear?
  • How come I am still trying to please others?
  • Isn’t it, time to choose for myself?
  • How long will I have to live this  pressurizing life?
  • Is there a way out of my current situation?
  • Can’t I live a life on my terms?
  • Why don’t I feel pleasure in what I do?
  • How can I detach myself from what I have been taught?

I hear you

Pressure to conform towards society’s standards can be suffocating. The problem is that we often just accept what we have been learned to do or take over what others do, or tell us to do. You might feel that the current path you are on is not yours, but you don’t know of anything better. From the moment you take distance from situations, people and even places that pressure you, you will have a clearer view on what your options are.

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“Sometimes is taking distance from the people who made you the best you can do. So that you can rest and refuel yourself. You don’t forget, you give it a place. They have suffered too, because they transmitted pressure and their own pain.

Harry Trotter

The only one who is putting pressure on yourself is you. No one is watching you, apart from yourself. Living the life you want, without any guilt is the greatest success in life. Success isn’t what others can see, but how you feel. It is living your truth and doing what makes your truly happy.

Can you imagine:

  • Not tolerating as much as you do now?
  • Not trying to fit in against your own inner-self?
  • Not having fear towards what is coming next?
  • Not accepting what you have been taught to be or to do?

How fantastic would you feel if you would: 

  • Invest in what is important to you?
  • Turn that pressure into inner-rest?
  • Leave your fear behind and follow your heart?
  • Fully embrace the life path you have chosen ?

Simplify your life but never your mind. Invest in your mind. It will activate your dreams into action. Step by step at your own pace. Life is not a competition, you are already a winner.

You are not alone out there.

Stop imagining and start believing you can live a life where pressure is not omnipresent.

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“It is only after we’ve lost of everything that we are free to do anything”

Tyler Durden – Lead character in the movie Fight Club (1999) played by Brad Pitt