Are you scared of those labels society puts on
sexual preferences? Are you doubting where you fit
in our society and the LGBT community?

Do you sometimes ask yourself questions like these?

  • Am I the only one who thinks sexuality does not define you?
  • Can I trust anyone with my thoughts of which I ashamed, of?
  • Why do I feel misunderstood and misperceived?
  • Why is life so difficult in terms of sexuality and am I lying towards myself?
  • How come my surroundings are not as open minded?
  • Will I be judged if I admit anything?
  • Will I be rejected by my family and friends?
  • Will people treat me differently?
  • Will I fit in this LGBT community?
  • Are there other people like me?

I hear you

The problem with sexuality is that we live in a current day and age in which we say people are ‘more accepting’ than ever. Like it or not, pride is still needed today, but are we going the right way?

When you do not fit that box, people have a hard time understanding where you fit. People are confused and question you endlessly when you do not fit that cliché. A cliché created by our society due to what the
media gives attention to.

You do not have to change yourself to fit in this LGBT community. I believe many people in this community adapt their attitude and speech  towards the image society has about LGBT people, to be accepted.

You also do not have to justify yourself towards any one, apart from yourself. All you need to do is to come into terms with yourself, forget about the term ‘coming out’. Vegetarians, liberals or people who are polygamous do  ot come out either. You will always be seen differently by society, the   ommunity and maybe your family also but in the end, you still have yourself.


“Regardless of how open-minded people are, they experience a subtle bias against creative and different ideas when faced with uncertain situations’

David Burkus – Author of the Myths of creativity: The unexpected truths about leading great organizations.

Can you imagine:

  • Not having to fit within the expectations of others?
  • Not pretend to be someone else?
  • Not be scared of those labels?
  • Not have to justify yourself over and over again?

How fantastic would you feel if you could:

  • Meet same minded people like you?
  • Not be pressurized by the term ‘coming out’?
  • Leave the justification behind and live for yourself, finally?
  • Be truthful towards yourself and the people you love?

You are not alone out there.

Stop imagining and start believing you can live a life where your sexuality does not hold you back any longer.

harrys quote

By being fully open with yourself and staying in line with who you truly are you will, attract the people you are meant to meet. Your vibe attracts your tribe.

“People who do not define themselves by their sexuality, who have a low-key attitude and proactive ideas and values, would bring the image of the community to another level. This could only work if they got a massive support from the media and a stronger voice within the community.”

Harry Trotter