The Ultimate ‘Live your Truth’ Module 


This Programme is based on 5 diffrerent modules:

The R.E.A.L. Authentic Alliance will make you a master in how to be in line with who you are deep down. You will Become authentic day in day out. This module focuses on 4 key steps that are of major importance when leaving your lie behind.

The Practical Personal Assessement will learn you how to cope with your surroundings. The fear of being judged will become inexistent. This module is based on 5 various elements that will make your underatnd it is time to listen to your own voice and heart instead of others. 

The Quest of Inner Truth will teach you how to embrace yourself fully. Self-love and your own company are the biggest gifts in life. This module contains 6 different skills which are easy to implement in your dayly life in terms of your identity.

The Awaking the Beast Within method will train you how  to focus on yourself and to trully invest within yourself. Also you will learn how rest and refuel yourself to the bone. Doubt is replaced by strong belief. This module is made of 5 core approaches in terms of choosing for yourself.

The Future Freedom P.A.C.T. will learn you how to turn your fears into powers. You will be unstoppable from that moment on and no cycle from the past will be able to affect your quality of life.  This module is based on 4 different techniques that will redirect your life on how to interconnect within yourself.

pic Youry

He taught me to break my own cycles in terms of blaming myself, expecting too much and allowing myself to get hurt by others. Especially, finding a soulmate was a struggle for me and I have stopped worrying about it. He learned me that you should not allow pain from the past dictate the present, nor the future.”

Youry Bredewold 47, Dutch – Sr. Account Manager EMEA for Dolby Cinemas

“He had the capacity to peacefully guide me through this difficult process in such a calm and warm way with his authentic energy. Harry’s, non-judgmental vision, helped me even more embracing my decision. I got into a state of acceptance and I could finally surrender myself to it. He can be a strong rock for us all with his absolute reassuring presence. “

Catherine Bournival 30, Canadian – Content Manager

The Cycle Breaker Program

A personalised program based on how to turn your hidden potential into P.O.W.E.R.

This power that you will implement in your daily life and this, every day of your life will make a real change in your journey.  The Cycle Breaker Program is based on 15+ steps which are also widely explained in my upcoming Book The Naked Truth. 

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pic damaris

“I’ve seen him perform his lif(v)e speeches at one of his ‘cycle breaker evenings’ and he managed to get me shivers down my spine. What a powerful energy and inspirational message he has!”

Damaris Gabrielle De Graaff 30, Surinam – Operational Export Manager in the Pharmaceutical industry
Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 16.42.02

“I was impressed how everyone was opening up in such a short time. He shifts consciousness in everything he says and does. He does not pushes nor persuades people to share. Silence is an answer too as he would say. By attending that event I realise as never before I should be open up to people more often because in the end we all have a past and a story. Believe me any cycle can be broken when you are in his company.’

Saar Meertens 28, Dutch – Flight attendant at KLM