Living a li(f)e / Life mentor / Public speaker

Public Speaker

As an international award winning Speaker and member of the Professional Speaker Academy I have had the opportunity to speak on several locations and this towards different types of audiences. 

As a public and motivational speaker I address different kind of topics:

  • How to set goal for yourself and not for those around you. 
  • Tools how to overcome your fears.
  • Strategies on how to rest and refuel yourself.
  • Key elements to understand your true identity without putting a label on it.
  • How to not give attention to that negative voice in your head. 
  • Let go of the misconceptions you might have in terms of sexuailty.
  • Come to the understanding it takes some time to figures out what your true purpose is.
  • Ways to kill your doubts so that you can go fully for that life YOU want.
  • Develop tools so that YOU can have a balanced life and be that happy bird most of the time.

As a speaker I am naked in terms of my own experiences and knwolege with the sole purpose of you being able to start taking steps to improve your own quality of life.

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He is one of those people who walks the talk, and trust me, he knows what he is talking about, from personal experience, but also knowledge and understanding.’

Charlotte Verdussen 27, Belgian – Psychologist