Grab Life By the Balls


Are you ready to take control over your life so that you can be in line with who you truly are?

We think we’ve got it all once we have reached the ultimate in terms of ‘success’. The house, the relationship, the great paying job, and so on… and still we feel there is a void within us. The way to the road to ‘success’ as society sees it might have been a road towards disconnection within yourself: a road to confusion and feeling lost. Depression, burnout, anxiety and even the feeling of not willing to live any longer are part of our social norm. Although this is still taboo for many people, more and more people are realizing that they can’t go on like this forever.

It’s time to be ‘FUNerable’

It’s time to be ‘FUNerable’ (read as vulnerable) because it feels good to be open and to show and share deep-rooted feelings and emotions. By doing so, you will experience inner-rest and have a balanced life. Many individuals have been educated in a way that they have to keep on smiling 24/7, don’t (know how to) share emotions and repress their inner feelings.

This is where I step in.

I will guide you through your journey while we dive into old patterns, past memories, conditioned false beliefs and inner blockages. Through mindful approaches and tools that are easy to implement in your daily life, you will reach your fullest potential by becoming more and more your ‘NAKED YOU’ every day.

Let’s grab it together during 3 or 5 sessions of an hour through zoom. In case you live in Amsterdam or it happens to be that I am in your area we can meet in real life. 

How do you know if this is right for you?

You look for clarity within your life and guidance that shows you that your past does not define your future. 

You are ready to invest in yourself so that you can start healing from anything that happened to you. 

You are seeking to live a free life with no regrets by being truthful to yourself. 

You are ready to look at yourself in the mirror and to embrace yourself and others. 

You are ready to show the world how much potential you truly have…!

Then yes, this is definitely made for YOU!

This is your moment. Your moment to invest in yourself and the values that are truly important to you.

Are you ready to grab life by the balls?

Then fill in this form and join me – your journey towards your truthful you is about to begin!

For your information I’ll will be away from February 14ty until March 20th 2020. I will get back to you then.


I am Harry a Cycle Breaker Mentor and Motivational Speaker. I guide people to discover their true self, their real ambition and to use their full potential. I support individuals get from where they are (as a person) to where they want to be(come). I use my background and knowledge in breaking cycles, my own trials and terrors and life-experience so that my clients can gain confidence and power to live that truthful life they deserve. But also get more clarity within their vision to what matters to them and that direction they want to take within their journey.



I am Harry Trotter
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