An Authentic
Naked Day Together

Are you ready to say no to fear and to leave your mask at home?

There is no holding back… Just the two of us in a safe environment. I will guide you to step in line with your naked authentic self.

You are currently reading this because you are ready for change. You have had enough of feeling depleted, unfulfilled and lost within yourself. You are ready for that turning point within your life.

Deep down, you know you are here on earth for a bigger reason: a reason based on true joy and inner fulfillment while following your heart and your passions.

On the outside, it looks like you have it all together. The exclusive holidays, the house, the relationship, the job that pays the bills and defines your lifestyle, but does it define your true you and your happiness? Yet, deep down you have always known something is missing and you are ready to unleash what that is…

You’ve called it in, here it is. It’s the change you’ve always been waiting for. That ‘upper-cut, power boost, motivational, getting nakedly authentic together day’ is coming your way. How much more fulfilled and stress-free would your life be? Can you imagine yourself not having to hide your true self, ever again?

This moment is now.

You are the greatest project you will ever work on, and remember that your body is the only home you will ever live in. 

How do you know if this is right for you?

If you are looking for…

What to expect and what’s included:

7 hours of being in each other’s company at the seaside, in the woods, at a restaurant or at a museum the choice is yours.

Mindful approaches and tools for a greater physical, mental and spiritual well-being, which are easy to implement in your daily life. By doing so, you will reach your fullest potential by becoming more and more your ‘NAKED YOU’ every day.

Creation of a personalized mind-map based on ‘The Ultimate Live Your Truth Module’ on where you are now and where you want to be.

Diving into old patterns, past memories, conditioned false beliefs and inner blockages.

Personal tailored scheme regarding the 4 crucial pillars on which your life is based. This scheme will help you to be balanced day in and day out. Once you are at ease from within, you will see things from a different perspective.

Getting to know each other from the core and having Fun (and getting ‘FUNerable’ read as vulnerable) together.

Openness is key. The more you are willing to put on the table the more I will be able to understand, feel and comprehend your needs.

Trials and terrors will be shared. I will be naked towards you about my own trials and terrors. Thus, the more open you get, the better I will be able to redirect you and to give you my best advice.

Email support to answer all your questions.

Motivational soundtrack (from my own hands) to wake up to in the morning, so that you remember at all times how fantastic you are. 

Two Clarification calls prior and after the day we meet in real Authentic Naked life.

E-book ‘Don’t be rude be nude’ that covers five ways to live your truth.

Flexible in terms of location (Location of choice, the Benelux, Europe and beyond)

Ready to have a naked ‘FUNerable’ day together?

Then fill in this form and join me – your journey towards your truthful you is about to begin!

Here is what some of my
Cycle Breakers had to say

Catherine Bournival (30)

| Canadian – Content Manager at SDL

I was not sure about the direction I had to go and felt very anxious. His proactive approach to my problem and his non-judgmental vision helped me feel happy with myself and the decisions I took. I got into a state of accepting everything and surrendering to it.

Certainly, I couldn’t recommend a better mentor and support to go through some of the most challenging times someone can experience. He can be a strong rock for us all with his absolute reassuring presence.

Tiaan Oosthuizen (29)

| South African  Yoga Teacher

Not only is he a mentor, he also became a true friend and someone I can always rely on no matter the time, distance or place in the world I might be. He is such an inspiring person with light and positivity that radiates from within him. Truly beautiful people, both inside and out, are honestly very hard to find. Thank you for always being there for me when I need a call/text with my problems, or simply just to talk.

Charlotte Verdussen (28)

| Psychiatrist

He is one of the most energetic, motivational, and inspiring people I have met in my life so far. He is one of those people who walks the talk, and trust me, he knows what he is talking about, from personal experience, but also knowledge and understanding. Whatever you would like to tackle and work through in your life, I guarantee that you will be in good hands with Harry. He is open, trustworthy, effective, and will leave you feeling so clear-minded and fulfilled as you have never experienced before. This is a serious life changer who is an incredible human being. I am really grateful.


I am Harry a Cycle Breaker Mentor and Motivational Speaker. I guide people to discover their true self, their real ambition and to use their full potential. I support individuals get from where they are (as a person) to where they want to be(come). I use my background and knowledge in breaking cycles, my own trials and terrors and life-experience so that my clients can gain confidence and power to live that truthful life they deserve. But also get more clarity within their vision to what matters to them and that direction they want to take within their journey.



I am Harry Trotter
Location: Amsterdam
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