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I am Harry Trotter Terms and Conditions
in respect of Programs and E-book Purchases.


Please carefully read the following terms and conditions relating to your participation of any programs or events from ‘I am Harry Trotter’.

Buyers Conduct

All participants are expected to be respectful and professional to our staff, location hosts, speakers, and other participants and their guests or families throughout the program or event. Even during non-scheduled downtime and breaks.

We reserve ourselves the right to ask participants to leave the program or event immediately should they be deemed rude, uncooperative, unprofessional, intoxicated or in possession of alcohol or any illegal substance. In such case, the participants fees for the event or program will not be reimbursed under any circumstances and they will not receive any of our advertised bonuses or qualify for our satisfaction guarantee or any other written or implied guarantee.

When purchasing any E-book or online Program there is no reimbursement policy.


By law we can only guarantee your satisfaction with our training, not your results. Our programs are for your educational and informational purposes only. As stipulated by law, we make no guarantees that you will do well or achieve any results.

Liability Waiver

You alone are responsible and accountable for your decisions, actions and results in life, and by registering for our programs, you agree not to attempt to hold us liable for any such decisions, actions or results, at any time, under any circumstance. You agree that our company is not responsible for the success or non-success of your journey.


Prices are communicated after messaging us and are inclusive of VAT.


Note that events are not residential and do not include for accommodation or food and beverages unless stated.

Payment Terms

These are generally “pay in full” prior to the event or payment over an agreed 1- and 3-month instalment plans.

The overall price must be paid including any final instalment before the date of the event. If you are paying by instalment, then the event you are booking must be sufficiently far ahead for all the instalment payments to have been made in advance of the event.

All monies must be paid 7 clear days before attending

Consequences of Failure to Pay

If payment is not made within the time limits set out above, this will be a breach of contract by the client entitling ‘I am Harry Trotter’t o treat the contract as at an end, and reallocate the bookings and/or tickets without notice to the client.

Cancellation or Variations by the Client

Cancellation: Any notice of cancellation by the client of a booking or part of a booking must be made in writing by letter or email sent to All bookings are subject to a 14 day cancellation period, from the date of booking. Refunds will be made within 30 days of receipt of a correct cancellation notice.


Phone: +31647425891


Contact us for our postal address if you would like to send a letter by writing.