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Being your true self is not easy, but think about it: would you like an easy life? Being judged or criticized is not cool either, but again, aren’t we all criticized? Whatever you undertake in life, some people will feel you, others won’t, and that is totally fine. Staying in that role you have been given that some call a ‘comfort zone’ is not easy either… 

But do you know what is even less easy? 
Living with regret and realizing at a later stage in life: if only I had taken action. 

One shot. That’s all you have…

5 essential steps in
‘The Ultimate Live Your Truth Module’.

2-day Masterclass where you learn, grow and, most of all, unlock that power that has been in you ever since!

Those 2 days are based on uncovering your Identity, being loyal to your own beliefs, aspirations and yourself, and implementing your vision in your daily life step by step.

What you need to know

You will learn how to implement those 5 steps in your daily life during a 2 day Authentic Journey

The 5 modules will be given Live (not online)

Unique Module and approach (The opposite of take notes and go home mentality)

Lifelong benefit of the tools and information shared

Small groups of max 8 people

Every month there is a chance to join The Ultimate Live your Truth Module. Register your weekend below.

Price €1497
The 2-day masterclass Authentic Journey is held in Amsterdam

How do we roll? 

1. Discovering your you. Your UNLABELLED YOU.

(day 1 in cosy workspace in Amsterdam )

Because what is the core of your life? You! Your life is defined by the actions you take and the thoughts you have within. Next to this, it is also crucial to observe (investigate) your environment and past events within your journey.

Those elements have without a doubt influenced you and therefore have changed you but never fully shaped you. This because of your inner voice that kept on giving you strength to not fully abandon your true self…


  • We will look at the guidelines that were given to you when younger that no longer serve you. You will learn to be truthful to your own guidelines: your own values and beliefs. 
  • We will let go of those labels your surroundings might have given you. Those labels that you might have accepted in order to survive… You will learn how to no longer see yourself through the eyes of others.
  • We will discover your true aspirations and potential, so you can start showing them to the outside world. You will learn how to not only discover them but more importantly how to transmit them.

You will discover your true voice through the following modules:

The R.E.A.L Authentic Alliance ™
(The true identification process of yourself which will empower you.)

The Practical Personal Assessment ™
(Observing your surroundings and past events within your journey so that you can take distance from limiting beliefs and thoughts.)

2. Investing in your butt naked self, FULLY.

(day 2 in nature spot in Amsterdam or around)

Your naked self is worth to be seen. Your truth meant to be heard. Because you are unique and you are here on this planet to chare your uniqueness. (individualise). By being your naked self, you will save time, energy and most of all, yourself.

People come and go during your journey. Some people grab energy from you while others give you energy. Maybe you have become unaware of the people around you who supposedly ‘give’ you energy?

At the end of the day, only you are in charge of tolerating people, actions and thoughts within your life. This is your moment to start giving energy to yourself! The time is now to keep your own energy closely to yourself (invest). 


  • We will question those actions and thoughts which are not in line with your true self. You will learn how to surround yourself by people who give you energy only.
  • Next to that, we will learn how to be authentically open to yourself without any judgment
  • We will give a place to those questions you never had a clear think about. You will learn how to give a place to anything that happened to you so that you can start generating inner peace within you.

You will invest in your naked self through the two following modules:

The Q.U.E.S.T. of Inner Truth ™
(Uncovering those questions within you so you can give them a place.)

Awaking the B.E.A.S.T. Within
(Investing in and focusing on yourself and keeping distractions and drainers at a distance.)

3. The Future is YOURS.

(day 2 in a cosy workspace in Amsterdam)

Hell yes, the future is in your hands and you better grab it! Great days are ahead of you when you fully decide to take on board the 4 previous steps. But this isn’t enough.

How do you integrate those 4 key elements for a truthful life in your NOW?

During this last and final step, the focus will be on interlocking all the learnings, tools, exercises you have experienced during this journey and to implement them day in, day out in your daily life and this, forever. (interconnect)

  • We will create a pact together so that you will live truth today but most importantly tomorrow. You will learn how to create, activate and maintain your own freedom.
  • You will become unstoppable and learn how to rest and fuel yourself in any situation.
  • You will learn how to power boost yourself so that you will embrace yourself, marry yourself and once and for all: CHOOSE yourself.

You will learn this through the following module:

The Future Freedom P.A.C.T. ™

Creating activating and maintaining that Life and Freedom you always wanted.

Here is what some of my
Cycle Breakers had to say

Damaris Gabrielle De Graaff (30)

| Operational Export Manager in the Pharmaceutical industry

Harry has inspired me in many ways. I have seen him perform his lif(v)e speeches at one of his ‘cycle-breaker evenings’ and he managed to get me shivers down my spine. What a powerful being and speech he has.

Elonora Lo Buglio (37)

| Contractor at Hewlett Packard

I met Harry at my working place, and the first thing I loved about him was his modesty. Since that day he is part of my life, and with his powerful energy and his positivity, he has helped me in some difficult moments where I could not see clearly.

Not only did he support me, he also saw the potential I had in me and he made me understand I could change my life.

Mathijs Bos (39)

| Transformational Coach

Harry is a real life changer! He has a massive heart and has an endless amount of energy. He possesses life experience as no other. He is a treasure in terms of self-knowledge and will not hold back about his trial and errors. My experience is that he definitely can bring your life to the next level!

How do you know if this
Live 2-day Masterclass
is right for you?

You are looking for guidance to create a fertile soil so that you can grow as he person you truly are.

You are looking for support to understand your past (childhood – upbringing, adolescent life – adult life)

You are ready to invest your precious time in that life YOU want.

You are looking to live free and in terms of your identity and sexuality.

You are willing to commit to yourself and put yourself first.

You are searching for inspiration on how to become the director of your journey.

You are eager to learn tools on how to focus on yourself and on how to prioritize things in your life.

You are committed to implement all information and tools during those 2 days.

Then Yes, This Journey is Definitely Made for YOU! Register below!

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The Ultimate Live your Truth Module

The Ultimate ‘Live your Truth’ Module is based on the five modules which  are taught individually or in groups, live. 
Due to this day and age we are currently living in, I am also offering an ONLINE version of The Ultimate ‘Live your Truth’ Module. 
The 5 modules or steps if you will, within this Online course are explained throughout multiple videos and a massive handbook which contains  tools, exercises and in depth questions which I normally share and teach at full length during a 2-day Masterclass which is given live.



I am Harry a Cycle Breaker Mentor and Motivational Speaker. I guide people to discover their true self, their real ambition and to use their full potential. I support individuals get from where they are (as a person) to where they want to be(come). I use my background and knowledge in breaking cycles, my own trials and terrors and life-experience so that my clients can gain confidence and power to live that truthful life they deserve. But also get more clarity within their vision to what matters to them and that direction they want to take within their journey.



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