The Naked Truth


I put my own butt-naked journey onto paper for myself but also for the sake of breaking the silences and taboos within your life. You will definitely recognize yourself within this self-mocking, reflective and, ultimately, universal journey. 

The Naked Truth


I put my own butt-naked journey onto paper for myself but also for the sake of breaking the silences and taboos within your life. You will definitely recognize yourself within this self-mocking, reflective and, ultimately, universal journey. 

What do others say about The Naked Truth?

In this book you will learn how to:

  • Set goals for yourself and not ‘goals’ to please others;
  • Invest in yourself and people that are worth your energy;
  • Quit that lie you are in once and for all;
  • Come to understand sexuality does not define you;
  • Let go of those prejudices and misconceptions you might have;
  • Come to the realization it takes some trials and errors before knowing what goes for you;
  • Develop tools so that you can have a balanced life and be that happy bird most of the time;
  • Understand you can heal from anything that happened to you;
  • Focus on the present because your past does not determinate your future;
  • Realize you are love and that you are able to give love to anyone, no matter what;
  • Come to understand that standing on your own is a true gift;
  • Say no without having a feeling of guilt;
  • Understand you can focus on the thoughts that you want to focus on;
  • Remind yourself that success is what is within yourself not what you can show others;
  • And much more!

How to grab your life by the balls

So you can turn your fears into Powers!

What is the book about?

This butt-naked memoir tells the story of a young man who ‘trottered’ across the globe – from Belgium to Australia, Vanuatu to Canada, Thailand to Nepal – to escape his toxic upper-class family and discover the freedom he needed to find his true sexual, spiritual and emotional identity.

It is the story of how one man learned to create the fertile soil of his growth from the paralysing fear that can turn generation after generation of families into emotional wastelands. Written with humour and a healthy dose of self-awareness, the book is filled with astonishing anecdotes and encounters ranging from horrific to hilarious and from psychologically devastating to uplifting and enriching.

It is a must-read for anyone who feels miscomprehended, lonely and trapped by the expectations of family, friends and society, as well as for those seeking their own path through life or struggling with their sexuality. It is also a manifest against that stigmatisation of gay people which is still taking place today. Sexuality does not define everyone. 

The Naked Truth is a testament
to the resilience of the human spirit

A practical book, it also provides tools and tips on how to hear the voice of your true self and break free of the prisons we find ourselves in.

Harry Trotter’s The Naked Truth is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, and a reminder that it's never too late to begin the healing that allows us to discover and live our truth. It is also a book that reminds us to just be ourselves – without putting a label on it.

By purchasing a copy of this book, you make a donation to CALM. The Campaign Against Living Miserably is a movement against male suicide, currently the biggest killer of men under forty-five in the United Kingdom. It is also a major killer in Belgium and other countries across Europe and the world.

What do others say about The Naked Truth?

Bernd Bodewes

The Naked Truth was not only an eye-opener to me, it also inspired my life for the very best.

What really triggered while reading this book iS that Harry states that sexuality does not define you and I could totally relate to this. In the journey of who I truly am, I never identified myself on how society perceives gay people. This made accepting myself so difficult because I believed there were no other people like me. But this book proved me wrong and I am grateful.

Harry Trotter is a dreamer and has at the same time a realistic view on our current society. There can’t be a bigger contradiction it seems. Even though they go hand in hand with Harry. He is someone who fights for what he is worth and also dares to fight for others. 

Zenja Buil Kaunic

Reading The Naked Truth was a slap in the face kind of read since I was not in a happy place prior reading it.  I needed to get connected with my real naked self. It  resonate with me on so many levels… I don’t really ‘know’ Harry and yet I feel like I do… because of the honest words he chose to share with his readers, he’s energy feels like a friend long known… Someone you can share your deepest secrets with, no judgment at all. How does one start grabbing those balls of life? By being active, facing fears and by letting go of everything and everyone that is holding you down, draining you, not accepting you for who you really are. Your authenticity will bring you to places where you are supposed to be, doing things that ignite your souls fire, meeting new people, a chosen family that really make connection with your true self. The Naked Truth brought me so much and made me rethink different aspects within my life not only as a person but more importantly as a mother of a son.

Trent Goertzen

I read Harry’s book at a time in my life when I was searching for purpose and meaning.  I was at a very dark point and was trying to find every resource I could to help sort out my feelings, thoughts and sexuality.

I was reading psychology based books like Velvet Rage and Becoming Gay, to biographies like The Gilded Razor and literally hundreds of online articles ⏤ just to figure out who I was.  All of these were helpful in their own ways, but what set apart The Naked Truth was that it actually helped me face my own fears.  It helped give me courage to stop living a lie, but more importantly, it helped me break down the boxes I had placed myself in. It helped me realize I didn’t have to fit into any one stereotype, prejudice or box that society, family, or religion had manufactured to keep themselves comfortable.  It helped open my eyes that I was free to be me, whatever that looked like.

Alexandru Topala

Andexandru wrote a blog about the nakedness check it out here

Grab your life
by the balls &

turn your fears

into Powers!


I am Harry a Cycle Breaker Mentor and Motivational Speaker. I guide people to discover their true self, their real ambition and to use their full potential. I support individuals get from where they are (as a person) to where they want to be(come). I use my background and knowledge in breaking cycles, my own trials and terrors and life-experience so that my clients can gain confidence and power to live that truthful life they deserve. But also get more clarity within their vision to what matters to them and that direction they want to take within their journey.



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