Your Online Journey to


Become Authentically Naked within 5 weeks

Within the deepest parts of yourself, you know you are predestined for something greater.

You have picked up the signals all along your journey, you have heard your soul’s call, but you are wondering how to turn your fears into POWERS. You are craving to show the entire world your true self. You just know the time is now. In fact, you’ve never been as ready as right now. The only thought which is holding you back is:

How do I get there? 

20+ videos

Save time (mind)

Being connected to your inner flame – understanding past events – Identify limiting beliefs and present blockages

Develop empowering tools to overcome past trauma & establish new empowering belief methods that last in your mind

Save energy (body)

Rest and refuel yourself – Find that harmony between your inner self and body – Trust the process which is in constant progress

Learn how to truly feed yourself with the good and discover how to listen to your inner flame and your intuition

Save yourself (soul)

Knowing yourself and speaking your truth – Create clarity on what you truly want by breaking cycles.

Establish ways how to stay close to yourself at all times and to surround yourself by souls who inspire and who speak your language

How it works:

Weekly Group
Coaching Call 

There will be a group coaching call via Zoom to outline the Module of the week. During week 5, there will be ‘open sharing’ about the past 4 weeks.

1x Personal Mentoring Call with Harry

After your initial call with Harry and introduction into the group, you will benefit from one additional private mentoring call, which you can schedule at any time during your online course.

Weekly Transformation Tools

You will be given practical and specific tools each week according to the theme of the Module (Save Time – Save Energy – Save Yourself).

Opportunity to Receive Personal Mentoring 

Sessions will be made available to those who are looking for supplementary support during their journey. This can be focused on a specific challenge you would like to overcome, depending on your own needs. 

Connect with a Cycle Breaker

Statistics show we are 85% more likely to follow through and to succeed when we have somebody holding us accountable. This is why you will be paired with another member to connect to for support during this Journey.

You will benefit of 20+ videos and a workbook

The videos will cover 20 different steps that are essential in order to become authentic during your journey. An E-workbook with all the different tools and guidance per video will be at your disposal too.

Save Time

Shorten the healing process of your inner wound. Give it the attention it deserves and give it, once and for all, the chance to heal.

Pay attention to your inner self and stop self-demolishing by pretending to be someone you are not. Your moment has arrived to put your priorities straight. It is time to break that endless cycle of people and actions that do not make you feel good nor make you grow as a person.

It all starts by healing yourself. Your wound never got the opportunity of becoming a scar. Believe me, it will, once and for all. What takes many people a lifetime will definitely take you less longer. You are here for a reason and life won’t give you anything else as long as you do not start using the gifts that life has already given you. It is about time to use them.

You can recover from anything that happened to you.

Youry Bredewold (47)

| Sr. Account Manager EMEA for Dolby Cinemas

His energy will take you to the moon, and be warned: it can be addictive.

He taught me to break my own cycles in terms of blaming myself, expecting too much and allowing myself to get hurt by others. Especially, finding a soulmate was a struggle for me. He taught me that you should not allow pain from the past dictate the present, nor the future. If you ever have the chance to meet this guy, go for it, you won’t regret it. He knows what he stands for.

Your time on earth is not forever,

so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

Save Energy

Recall these questions of truth which have been hiding within you once and for all, and start investing that so needed energy in yourself from today on.

Invest in yourself before investing in another. You need that precious energy to rest and refuel yourself, every single day of your life.  No longer invest energy in that endless cycle of things and people that do not serve you.

By breaking that cycle, you will be able to ask yourself your questions of truth. All the answers are within you. You deserve to live that life you want to live. True happiness depends on yourself and you have always known this deep down.

By doubting, we are lead to question: by questioning, we arrive at the truth.

The sooner you will invest that precious energy within yourself, the sooner you will learn how to fully embrace yourself. You will start loving yourself, and others around you will feel this too. You will attract the energies you are meant to attract.

Be the love you never received.

Listen to your gut feeling, always. Your Intuition knows what’s best for you. Your moment has come to focus on yourself, to nourish yourself and to stand on your own feet. When keeping your energy close to yourself, you are unstoppable.

By doubting we are lead to the question: 

By questioning, we arrive at the truth

Have a taste of what to expect during the 2 day authentic journey.

That Power boost is coming your way!

Save Yourself

Have a break. Become that person you want to BE and put the ‘to do’s’ and ‘to haves’ which are controlling your current life aside for a minute.

What is the whole point of those things if you can’t BE who you truly are with the people around you at work, within your family or your inner circle of friends? Start focusing on your personal success from today on: feeling good about yourself. Remember, success isn’t what others can see, such as social ranking, money or power.

Success is how you feel from the inside. It’s living your true calling and doing what makes you truly happy.

Start surrounding yourself with people who see that light in your eyes and appreciate you for the person you nakedly are.  A quick fix does not exist, but if you dare to look at yourself in the mirror, you will get there much sooner than you think.

Start being the person you would have seen as an example when you were younger. In fact, be that person you want to meet.

Be your authentic you, everywhere, not just behind closed doors, and you will inspire others to do the same.

Success is how you feel from the inside.

It’s living your true calling and doing what makes you truly happy.

How do you know if
this journey is right for you?

You are seeking support to understand your past (childhood – upbringing, adolescent life – adult life)

You are looking for guidance to create a fertile soil so that you can grow as a person.

You are ready to invest your precious time in that life YOU want.

You are willing to commit to yourself and put yourself first.

You are searching for inspiration on how to become the director of your journey.

You are eager to learn tools on how to focus on yourself and on how to prioritize things in your life.

Then Yes, This Journey is Definitely Made for YOU!

Here is what some of my
Cycle Breakers had to say

Damaris Gabrielle De Graaff (30)

| Operational Export Manager in the Pharmaceutical industry

Harry has inspired me in many ways. I have seen him perform his lif(v)e speeches at one of his ‘cycle-breaker evenings’ and he managed to get me shivers down my spine. What a powerful being and speech he has.

Elonora Lo Buglio (37)

| Contractor at Hewlett Packard

I met Harry at my working place, and the first thing I loved about him was his modesty. Since that day he is part of my life, and with his powerful energy and his positivity, he has helped me in some difficult moments where I could not see clearly.

Not only did he support me, he also saw the potential I had in me and he made me understand I could change my life.

Mathijs Bos (39)

| Transformational Coach

Harry is a real life changer! He has a massive heart and has an endless amount of energy. He possesses life experience as no other. He is a treasure in terms of self-knowledge and will not hold back about his trial and errors. My experience is that he definitely can bring your life to the next level!

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Your Online Journey to Authentiticy


I am Harry a Cycle Breaker Mentor and Motivational Speaker. I guide people to discover their true self, their real ambition and to use their full potential. I support individuals get from where they are (as a person) to where they want to be(come). I use my background and knowledge in breaking cycles, my own trials and terrors and life-experience so that my clients can gain confidence and power to live that truthful life they deserve. But also get more clarity within their vision to what matters to them and that direction they want to take within their journey.



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